Did you know that the Birch Run AYSO is a Non-Profit Organization and operates solely off a portion of your childs registration fees and by volunteers?

Fall 2015, the current registered players is 77 players for the Birch Run AYSO Soccer Program. 

Our organization receives about $40.00 per player; which totals about $3000.00 for operating expenses per annual season.  The balance of the registration amount goes to the AYSO Organization for insurance on the players, so if they get hurt playing soccer AYSO will cover it.

Below is a small list of annual operating expenses that we incur in 1 year:

$1000.00 for Paint to mark all the soccer fields
$500.00 for Education
$500.00  Other supplies - Ties for the nets, ground stakes, field markers, etc...
That totals a minimum of $2000.00 needed annually to operate our AYSO Soccer Organization

This year, we are in need of 4 new soccer nets at $150.00 each = $600.00

The Birch Run AYSO is asking you to help us make our soccer organization one of the best soccer programs in the area by, 1) asking you to volunteer to help us promote our soccer program, 2) asking you to donate to our program either used or new soccer equipment - ie. soccer uniforms, soccer balls, and shin guards, and 3) asking you to provide us with a cash donation to our program.

Please contact us by e-mail at