Cancellation of Birch Run AYSO Soccer Games
How do I know if my game/practice is cancelled due to weather conditions?
Coaches are instructed to make the call on whether or not to play at the field at game time, so it's always best to show up at the field if you're scheduled to play.  Weather can be different at the field than it is where coaches reside (we have coaches who live in Birch Run and the surrounding areas).  Coaches should not call or email parents to cancel games due to weather.  If it's raining, games still take place.  The only conditions we don't play in are thunder and lightning, or if the coaches feel the players' safety is at risk (hail, sloppy field conditions, etc).  If a game is stopped mid-way because of weather, the coaches will decide on whether or not to reschedule based on how much of the game has been played.  If you have questions regarding a rescheduled game, contact your coach..